Amy Samir Ghanem on her father’s birthday: Lord, I will see you in heaven..and Hassan Al-Raddad: the kindest heart

The star, Amy Samir Ghanem, revived the birthday of her father, the late artist Samir Ghanem, which falls today, Saturday, January 15, calling for mercy and forgiveness, and that God grant him heaven with her mother, the late artist Dalal Abdel Aziz.

Amy Samir Ghanem published a picture of her late father through her account on Instagram, accompanied by a comment: “May God have mercy on you and forgive you, O Lord, and I will see you in heaven, you and my mother, and we celebrate with you like every year, I hope everyone who saw the post read Al-Fatihah.”

Amy Samir Ghanem

Her husband, the artist Hassan Al-Raddad, also commemorated the birthday of his late mother-in-law, and he said through the story of his account on Instagram: “Every year, your presence is good, the kindest heart.”

Hassan Al-Raddad

And the star Donia Samir Ghanem had previously sent an influential message to her late father, the star Samir Ghanem, coinciding with his birthday, and wrote on her account on “Facebook”: Every year and you are good, my love and my soul, may God have mercy on you and forgive you“.

And she added: “Oh, Lord, you are happy and comfortable as you have been throughout your life, making all people happy.. I love you and be with me at every moment.. Happy birthday in heaven, O Lord.”“.

Today marks the birthday of the late comedian of the first degree, “Fatouta”, the great star Samir Ghanem, who cannot be seen by the audience in a work of art without laughing, and he has a huge and diverse balance of works, as he presented nearly 160 films, 50 plays, and 80 works. For television and radio drama, unlike Fawazeer Ramadan, who presented him nearly 10 times, whether as a first hero in the eighties and nineties, or with a group of comedy stars in the sixties and seventies.

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